Belmont Abbey College Marketing and Promotions Opportunities

Any successful business is predicated on mutually beneficial relationships.  Belmont Abbey College seeks to provide the greatest opportunities for exciting, wholesome sports entertainment in the greater Charlotte marketplace.  As a member of Conference Carolinas, and NCAA Division II; the Crusaders can become an invaluable tool for your advertising needs.

Here is how Belmont Abbey College can serve as a business conduit to help you reach your marketing goals:

• Gameday Signage (a visible mark that attaches you to the Crusaders Athletics)
Your logo is your business identity.  When people see it, it works the senses and sells your vision. Facilities like the Wheeler Center, Abbey Yard and our fully modernized training facility can create a substantive visual backdrop for showing off your business identity.

• Gameday Programs (information for the fans, strategic ad placement for you).  
You have a need to provide a snapshot to the fans of what your business is about.  We have the perfect, new way at Belmont Abbey College to do just that.  Offering pertinent  information to a developing fan base is your chance to put your snapshot in their hands.

• Internet/Radio Advertising (a trusted voice, creating trust in business to the listener).
As the Coordinator of Marketing , Promotions, and Broadcasting, Brian Rushing has a proven track record within Gaston County, and beyond, to help drive your business to the listener. It is the mission for our broadcasts to clearly deliver your message while creating an entertaining audio format.   

• Gameday Sponsorship (themed, targeted advertising, designed to separate your business as a star in the community).
Your business, personalized!  Saturate our audience with what your business is all about.  We can help you create a plan for a single night that will have clients calling you the next day.

• On-court promotions (fun for the fans, creative, business-savvy product placement)
Nothing is more exciting than watching someone win, or lose.  But whatever the case, your message gets to the public in a fun way.  And moreover, you win a new customer.

• Fan premium giveaways ( your commitment to the community, in a tangible take home form)
At the end of the day, the message must stay with the customer to resonate.  This becomes your opportunity to guarantee a first impression is made, or a relationship is sustained.

Help us help you create a branding option that is sure to be a home run, or slam dunk, or game winner for your business!!!

Questions, please contact:
Brian Rushing, Marketing Coordinator
Belmont Abbey College Athletics
704 461 6235 office
704 689 3820 cell