Men's Tennis Wins 8-1 Over Mars Hill

Men's Tennis Wins 8-1 Over Mars Hill

The Belmont Abbey Men's Tennis team earned a 8-1 victory over Mars Hill at Brevard this afternoon.  The win improves the Crusaders' record to 2-0 for the fall.

- BREVARD, NC - Belmont Abbey won two of the doubles matchups.  It swept the Lions in singles competition, highlighted by George Barfoot's 8-0 shutout.  Nikhil Reddy won his matchup 8-1.

The Abbey will next compete on October 14 in the Young Harris Invitational.



 Doubles competition

1. Juan Baez/Zachary Blythe (BAC) def. Alberto Ortiz/Ben Reid (MHUM) 8-6

2. Carlos Suares Riesco/Blake Covington (MHUM) def. Tomas Pardo/Michael Rapsik (BAC) 9-7

3. Blaise Waters/Jacob Andress (BAC) def. Hunter Carlton/Jimmi Schwab (MHUM) 8-3


Singles competition

1. Juan Baez (BAC) def. Carlos Suares Riesco (MHUM) 8-5

2. Grant Goldin (BAC) def. Alberto Ortiz (MHUM) 8-3

3. Zachary Blythe (BAC) def. Ben Reid (MHUM) 8-3

4. George Barfoot (BAC) def. Blake Covington (MHUM) 8-0

5. Joseph Horne (BAC) def. Hunter Carlton (MHUM) 8-3

6. Nikhil Reddy (BAC) def. Jimmi Schwab (MHUM) 8-1